Gift Basket Ideas for the Hardest One to Shop For

Putting a little twist on these gift guides. I’m framing them differently because if you are still shopping for someone at this point I would recommend doing a “gift basket” of sorts. A collection of 2-3 items that really fit the person’s needs and putting a theme on it that tie the whole gift together! 

I think we can really overthink shopping for the one who has it all and trying to think of something and new and different that they don’t have. Why not instead of searching for something new play to their strengths and gift them things they use, love and are replacing for themselves all the time! If they have it all they clearly know what they like! I also think this is a sign of affection that we are able to gift so specifically to someone because we know them! 

Frame each gift basket like this:

Something they love and use all the time such as: a scent, a lotion, a candle, skincare they love, etc. a year long Peloton membership, a gift to their gym, a gift card to their favorite restaurant, their favorite water bottle in another color, their favorite bottle of wine, etc. 

Pair with something useful such as: gratitude journal, a book you’ve read recently and loved, a kitchen tool, Apple AirTag, Lululemon belt bag, Bala Bangles, etc. 

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Remember to gift to their strengths! Why get a gift they might not use instead of something you know they will love and enjoy! 
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