Friday Five: Five Ways to Wear a Scarf this Spring

Happy Friday!

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentines Day! I told y’all earlier this week but you can definitely find me stocking up on all the candy sales today. I am candy obsessed.

Today’s Friday Five is showing off one of my favorite trends of the season, twillys! I guess they are more commonly known as scarves but my friend started calling them twillys and now I always call tiny silk scarves twillys. I have been in love with this trend and have been finding so many ways to wear silk scarves. I am sharing a few of my five favorite ways to wear a scarf!

Tied in Hair

There are so many ways to wear scarves in your hair but my favorite is wrapped once around a ponytail. It just dresses up those days when your hair is too dirty to wear down and makes it look like you tried a lot harder than you did to get ready for the day. I’ve found the best way to get your scarf to stay tight all day long is to tie your hair with a thin scrunchie and then wrap the scarf around that. This gives the silk scarf something to grip onto and won’t slip from your hair.

Around the Neck

This is another great way to wear a scarf and I love it tied once around the neck and knotted about ¾’s of the way down to create that loose fitted look.

Off your Bag

This is another favorite way of mine to wear scarves. I love being able to switch up the scarf to match my outfit or just switch up the look of the same bag, It allows you to change it up and gives lots of variations to the same bag.

Wrapped Tightly around Bag Handle

Tie the scarf tightly around one handle of the bag to dress up your handbag. This is simply done by folding the scarf in half and then knotting at one end. Continue wrapping clockwise around the bag until you reach the other end. Then pull the end up through the last loop to hide the “tail” end.

On your Wrist

I’ve been seeing this more and more recently and like the way it looks for summer. This is easily done by folding the scarf once and then wrapping each end away from each other around the wrist and knotting once at the top.

Hope you enjoyed this Friday Five! I can’t wait to see all your twilly pics! This sweater is from Amazon and such a steal so be sure to check it out.

Happy Weekend!


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