Friday Five: Five Ways to Wake Up Happy

Happy Friday friends! 

This week has gone by pretty fast and I attribute that to my positive attitude I’ve been trying to have the whole week! This week was also pretty eventful because I was officially accepted to This was such a huge milestone in my blogging journey and I am so excited to be apart of the RewardStyle family. Please follow me in the app it means so much to me! If you aren’t apart of RewardStyle I am working on creating a shop my feed page where you can directly shop my outfits from there without the app. You can also always shop my posts here on every blog post.

In other Friday news, I am excited to start my (first) and new series with y’all the Friday Five. This is something I’ve wanted to start for awhile now but kept putting it off thinking I wouldn’t be creative enough to come up with five things to share with y’all every Friday. But, I am determined to make this as helpful and entertaining as I can! The Friday Five will be on my blog every Friday and will consist of five things I am loving or using or even just five things that I found on sale. It truly could be anything. I am trying to keep it as broad as possible in hopes that I can create enough topics for you every week!

Now, you may remember last week I shared how I am such a snooze fest in the morning. I cannot wake up when my alarm goes off and am constantly hitting snooze! It has been so challenging for me to get up in the mornings and I asked y’all for tips and you all came back with some great suggestions. These are the five things that have been helping me sleep this past week! Hope you can try some of them at home too!

1. Sleep Cycle App

This has been by far the best thing that has helped me sleep because it gradually wakes you up with soft noise that gets louder as you get closer to the time you actually want to wake up. This has been so helpful for me because it lets you snooze by just waving your hand over the phone. Once you get close enough to the time you want to wake up the app won’t let you turn the alarm off without physically disabling it which causes me to actually open my eyes and by then I’m awake!

  1. Drink a glass of water

Someone had suggested drinking a glass of water while you are still in bed and it helps wake you up! I’ve found that even just a few sips have helped me more energized and ready to wake up.

  1. Set your phone across the room

I tried this and it did work but I found it made me a little cranky because I had to physically get out of bed before I was emotionally ready (I’m dramatic ok!). This may work for some of you though so don’t knock it until you try it!

  1. Gradually increasing light

I was also suggested to get a clock that glows as you wake up and I love this idea. In the meantime before I get the light bulbs that work with the Sleep Cycle App, I have been turning my bedside table lamp on and the natural light has really helped. I am excited to try the Phillips Hue lightbulbs that work with the sleep cycle app to help you wake up with any lamp you have on your bedside table! I’ll keep you posted once I try them!

  1. Go to bed earlier!

Ok this one seems self explanatory but is something that I really made an effort to do this week. Going to bed even just an hour earlier I have seen differences in how I sleep. I know this isn’t always able to work because life gets in the way but making an effort to try and go to bed earlier helps your body so much!

I hope you all have sweet dreams and are able to test out some of these methods and they work for you! What other ways have you found help you sleep better? Let me know in the comments!


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