Friday Five: Five Ways to Go Red This Month

Go Red this Month!

Happy February! I feel like January just flew by I can’t believe it is already February 1st! I am ready for all the Valentines Day activities and another reason to celebrate this February is by going red. February is National Heart Disease Awareness month and February 1st is National Wear Red Day. You can support the cause too! Here are five ways you can go red this month. 

  1. Wear Red!

Today is National Wear Red Day but you can support the cause by wearing red to spread awareness all month long. I’m rounding up the best red pieces you need in your closet this month. Red is one of my favorite colors and it is one everyone can pull off. You just feel a little more confident in a bold and statement color. 

2. Donate to the cause

You can donate to the American Heart Association here and help raise awareness and support for the organization. 

3. Get out and move!

Being active is one of the number one ways to combat heart disease and by getting that heart moving you are making strides towards a happier healthier heart. Try and make it a commitment this month to move more! And you can wear red while doing it! 

4. Spread the word

You can post on social media using the hashtag #WearRed or #WearRedandGive to let others know about the cause and gain support. 

5. Start your own Fundraiser 

You can start your own fundraiser through the American Heart Association and encourage others to join and donate! 

No matter how you choose to donate or support the cause this month. Raising awareness by telling even just one person is making a difference. Ok I’ll get off my soapbox now and share all the outfit details for this post along with other pieces you can get to wear red this month. 




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