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I feel like when quarantine happened myself (and everyone else) stocked up on the loungewear. Working from home has it’s benefits in the loungewear department and I definitely took advantage. Now that it’s been a few months and the weather is (hopefully) getting colder, I did a brand new haul of loungewear and found SO MANY things. Like wow there is some seriously cute loungewear out there right now. I wanted to share everything I snagged (and haven’t had time to shoot yet) and other pieces I’ve had my eyes on. 

As always when it comes to clothes, I didn’t want to spend more than $30 on one item of clothing. Loungewear is great and all but it’s primarily only seen by me. I’d rather put my money into pieces I’ll get a lot of eyeballs on like a cute top I’d wear to dinner. Sooo I’ve gotten pretty savvy on finding all the affordable places to shop for loungewear. 

Forever 21: I was so impressed by the quality of this loungewear. I seriously can’t get over it for the price. I didn’t even know F21 had good loungewear until I placed this big order recently. I sort of stumbled across it by accident and then I was introduced to a world of cute and cozy things I just had to have.

I stocked up on this set (which is now $45 but I bought it on sale but since you are getting 2 pieces it’s worth the investment!) I am so impressed with this set! The quality feels so high end. I also grabbed this crewneck which I’ve shared over on stories that has been very popular these past few weeks! It’s starting to sell out so be sure to grab it if you have your eye on it. 

H&M: I also recently did a huge order at H&M. This is honestly one of my very favorite places to shop for clothes because of how cute and on trend everything is at an affordable price. I’ve always been really impressed with the quality and the pieces are things that I wear again and again. 

I stocked up on this cute little pajama set and I love it! I can’t even remember the last time I purchased pajamas. Usually I just sleep in an old sorority t-shirt so I jumped all over this $25 set! I also snagged this cute sweatshirt which has been sooo cozy! I love that it’s just white with nothing on it I ordered one size up for a more oversized look but I honestly wished I would have gone two sizes up. It’s still a little less oversized than I imagined. 

Aerie: I have always loved to shop at Aerie and it is my favorite place to buy bathing suits! I did a huge order to Aerie back at the start of quarantine and bought so many things I still wear daily. I found so many cute things on their site that I have my eye on like this and this

Amazon: Look we all know by now that 99% of my life comes from Amazon. I definitely get my money’s worth as far as my Prime subscription goes. I have found so many good loungewear staples over the years and I just love them for the price point. You really can’t be 2 day shipping at a low price am I right or am I right? 

Recently I stocked up on this fun two piece lounge set that is seriously so cozy! It comes in so many colors but I grabbed the tan version. I love that I can wear both these pieces separately. Fun fact I’m literally wearing it right now as I write this haha. I really want to snag in another color too.

I also got these joggers I think last year maybe and they are seriously my ride or die. I’ve turned so many of my friends onto these and they were a best seller of 2019. If you haven’t gotten on board you should consider it because for $25 you really can’t beat how soft and cozy these are! I grab these whenever I am in a mood where I just want to be as cozy as possible haha. They are that good. 

I wanted to breakout these loungewear categories into each shop and I’ve also included a section with all the pieces I personally own and can vouch for the quality for! As always, thanks for shopping through my links! It allows this little small business of mine to flourish and I couldn’t be happier to share things with you. 

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Forever 21




I hope this was helpful and you found a few pieces or maybe just some inspo that will keep you cozy and warm this fall! Until next time!! 



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