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I love this time of year. The holidays are such a fun time to celebrate Christmas and also give back to those you love. Instead of a typical gift, I love the idea of giving something more unique and something you could do with a loved one to create memories. 

Here are some ideas that I think would be so fun to do with a boyfriend, sister, brother, husband, mom, dad, whoever you fancy and are still shopping for! 

1. Cooking Class 

Get creative with this one. There are so many different types of cooking classes, sushi making, pasta, etc. 

2. Photoshoot 

This one is more for the guys to give to the girls but hey I could see it working both ways! Hire a nice photographer and surprise her with a nice photoshoot she will cheerish. Go a step further and have her best friend pick out an outfit you can buy for her! 

3. Spa Day

I absolutely love this idea and it would be so fun to do with a sister or Mom! Such a good idea you could do facials, massages and pedicures. 

4. Wine Tasting 

You don’t have to fly to Tuscany to taste good wine! There are tons of winery’s all across the country. My girlfriends and I did this recently right outside of Dallas and it was a blast. 

5. Indoor Skydiving or Trampoline Park 

This is such a fun thing to do with someone and is just something really different and out of the ordinary that they won’t be expecting! 

6. Helicopter Ride 

Stealing this from one of our best couple friends! They recently just took a helicopter ride over Fort Worth. I think this is such a fun idea to see your city from above and covered in Christmas lights! 

7. Flower Arrangement Class 

I feel like this would be the best Mother Daughter date but would even be fun to do as a couple! My dad loves his garden and I know this is something he would enjoy doing as well! 

8. Concert 

Pierce and I were just saying the other day we would love to go to another concert soon. This is a great idea if your loved one is a super fan to someone on tour or a fun night you can look forward to together! 

9. Calligraphy Class 

My little sister LOVES calligraphy and this would be perfect for her. I also think this could be a fun date night for two people who know nothing about it! 

10. Painting Class 

If pretty handwriting isn’t your thing, you could always try a painting class! There are so many places popping up all over the country that also serve wine while teaching you how to paint! 

11. Exercise Class 

I think this would be so fun! I love working out (like 75% of the time) and this would be a great way to try something new and switch up your usual routine. 

12.  Volunteer!

This is the perfect time of year to give back to those around you and doing this together in addition to a fun dinner out would be a great gift to remember the true meaning of Christmas. I would love to go to an animal shelter or help pass out meals! 

13. Get Outdoors!

I love being outside and this would be such a fun way to spend time with those you love unplugged from technology and really focusing on those genuine conversations. 

14. Scavenger Hunt 

This is such a creative idea to either hide a present you already have or to make a day out of it by taking your loved one around to places they love like their favorite ice cream place, their favorite 

15. Camping 

Grab a tent and your best camping gear and head out to a National Park for a night of camping. Or grab a hotel if the outdoors don’t sound great and call it glamping. 

16. Amusement Park 

Six Flags is right by us and Pierce and I have yet to go together because every time we look up tickets we are like ehh $60? But this would be a great gift! 

17. Personalized Coupon Book 

Make a fun coupon book for someone! This is a great idea for kids too. Make coupons like movie night, pizza date, etc. 

18. Sporting Event 

This one is totally for all the guys! I would love to buy tickets for Pierce to a Dallas Stars or Cowboys game. 

19. Date Night Basket 

This is such a fun idea for a newly married couple. Fill it with a bottle of wine, some nice pasta, cute wine glasses and call it a date night basket! 

20. Wine Class 

My parents used to do this when they first got married and I love this idea! They took wine classes when they lived in San Francisco at Berkeley. 

21. Roller/Ice Skating 

This would be SUCH a fun date and it is the perfect time of year for it there has to be an outdoor ice skating rink near by. 

22. Bowling 

There are so many cute and trendy bowling alleys in Dallas! I love this idea and it would be great to bring some friends along. 

23. Golf (Even TopGolf!)

Taking interest in your Dad or boyfriend’s passion is always so much fun for them. Buy them a round of golf and agree to go with them (even if you just sit on the cart). 

24. Rock Climbing 

Indoor rock climbing places are popping up all over the place! This would be such a fun activity to do with someone and its super active for that person always on the go! 

25. Candle Making Class 

A few of my friends did this recently and I think I want to do this for my birthday coming up! It looks like such a fun activity to do together and you get a great gift out of it! 

26. Whiskey Tour 

Whiskey distributing facilities are beautiful! This would be a great activity to do with someone who loves a good drink in their hand! 

27. Tickets to a Play 

You don’t have to live in New York to see a play! There are so many arts and cultural events happening in every city. Even the ballet would be a fun event. 

28. Dance Lessons 

Pierce is such a good dancer, I can dance but not well and I am always stepping on his feet! This would be a great gift and would be so much fun to do together! Learning a new skill together is always amazing. 

29. Zip Lining 

This one of my favorite birthday party things to do as a kid! Would be a great gift for the adventurer. 

30. Run in a 5k

My dad is a huge runner. He loves running in 5k’s and no one will ever go with him. Sign yourselves up for a race and even if you just walk they will appreciate you taking an interest in their hobby! 

31. Drive in Movie 

This one is a personal favorite and something Pierce recently surprised me with for our anniversary! It was so much fun we threw in some blankets in the back of his truck and had the best time. 

32. Brewery Day 

I love going to breweries! This would be great for the beer lover and you could even plan to hop around to a few throughout the day. 

33. Staycation 

This is one of my favorite ideas! You don’t have to travel far to create a great experience together. Travel just 45 minutes to an hour to an outside town and grab a cheap hotel and explore. 


That’s all my suggestions for now! I hope you all find this helpful and grab some good ideas for your loved ones. Giving someone your time is such a great gift and I know they will appreciate getting to spend the day with you! 

Happy holidays! 

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