Everything I’ve Bought on Amazon in the Past Three Months

Hey friend! 

I wanted to name this post literally everything I’ve bought on Amazon in like the past three months haha. I was making a return the other day and realized I have bought so much Amazon stuff and haven’t had time to share it all yet! 

Pierce and I have been running quite literally 4,000 miles an hour for the past two months. It’s like we got engaged and have been out of town since. I’m excited because this weekend we are home and have no plans and I’m really hoping we can try and get our life together a little bit. 

I am actually going home to my parents lake house for twenty days in two weeks. I have conference in New York for a few days and extended my trip on both sides to be able to maximize my time there! 

Ok, let’s get into the Amazon. 

Amazon for Style

Free People Dupe Shorts 

I’m not sure why I even call these a dupe when they are only $5 cheaper than the free people ones. They are identical to the free people one’s minus a pocket in the back on the waistband. I bought these in a few colors and they’ve been great! I ordered a small and was also a small in the FP ones. 

Long Sleeve Bathing Suit Top 

Ok this one really deserves an explination so hear me out. I burn so easily in the sun and I always worry about my chest and shoulders getting fried. I wanted a long sleeve swimsuit top that was cropped and I could still wear with cute bottoms. I wanted to be able to just throw this  on over my bikini at the beach or on a boat when I could feel myself frying. I didn’t need a full on rash gaurd, I wanted it to be cropped! It’s cute. The vibes are cute but it sounds weird. I’m psycho about the sun so this makes sense. 

Pink Button Down 

I wear my white button down almost every other day. I wanted a fun pink one for the summer too! They are great for me to wear working from home and I also use them as swim cover ups! This one is a fun color I actually just wore it yesterday! 

Hospital Shoes 

I refuse to call these anything other than hospital shoes. They look like those shoes that you get in a hospital when you’re a fall risk. They are worse than shower shoes. The only reason I got these is because my sister who is a freshman in college came over wearing them and I made fun of them and she made me try them on…. I had to have a pair they are the most comfortable shoes ever. Like a literal cloud! I just wear them around the house but they are so great and better than slippers for when you need to run outside to take the trash out for a second. Perfect house shoes. Still look very hospital to me. 

Pierce Athletic Shorts

These were on a deal day sale and I snagged them super cheap. I loved that they came in a two pack and Pierce always needs new athletic shorts. They also aren’t lined which he sometimes likes to have for lounging. 

Wide Leg Slacks

I had already owned these in another color and love them! I wear them for when I’m traveling for work at a conference. They are super lightweight and have a really clean feminie look to them which I love. 

Pearl Sandals 

A friend of mine posted these and I had to have them. I wear sandals like this every single day in the summer and bought a few new pairs this year including these! These are my favorites right now, they just go with everything and instantly make me feel more put together. 

Amazon Basics Tanks

I bought these on a whim because I realized I love to wear these cotton tanks under opened button down shirts and didn’t have a white one. I liked that I could also wear it to workout if I wanted or just under something else for a casual outfit. Amazon Basics is my favorite brand for this kind of stuff. 

Amazon for Travel

Weekender Bag 

If you’ve seen my stories, you’ve heard me rave about this bag. It really is the best and my friends who have seen it in person have ordered it almost imeditaley. I have a full review on it over on Instagram but it just has so many pockets to organize your things and fits over the suitcase handle which is such a big plus! I’ve been really happy with this and love that it can replace my personal item and fit under the seat in front of me. It actually fits better under the seat in front of me than my backpack did! 

14K Gold Plated Cubic Zirconia Band

I got this for when we went to Florida to wear on the beach and in the water instead of my engagement ring. I know they make those silicone bands but I just don’t love the look of those. This band was only $13 and is super cute to wear in place of my engagement ring! 

Amazon for Beauty 

Lanolips Superbalm 

I saw Katy McFarlan post about this and picked it up because duh, it was on Amazon. Its lasted me forever! It feels very similar to the Lanige but sometimes I hate having to use my finger with the Laneige so this container was nice. I will say, never buy Laneige off Amazon because they sell a lot of counterfits!  

Mineral Sunscreen for Face & Body 

I am a sunscreen fein as mentioned above and only truly believe in mineral sunscreen which contains zinc in it. Mineral sunscreen works to prevent the sun from touching your skin where physical sunscreen your body absorbs a small percentage of the sun and converts it to heat. This is the best sunscreen and the texture is so good it goes on white but rubs in clear! Sunscreen post here on mineral vs chemical sunscreens! 

Loving Tan Tanning Mousse

I finally canceled my spray tanning membership so now I need to self tan at home. I’ve owned this for years and love it over St. Tropez. This is more of a red undertone where I find the St. Tropez is more green. This matches better with my skin and gives me the best tan. It also stays on for a few showers! 

Amazon for Home

Wicker Basket Storage Chest

This feels so random, but I really needed someplace to put papers, desk type stuff in my office. This was under $150 and was something I just wasn’t going to use that much to want to spend a ton of money on. It fits perfect in the space and had zero assembly which I am always here for. 

8×8 Frames 

I need so much art for this house the wall space has multipled 4x since my old place. I found these frames and loved the price point! They come pre matted too so they take a 4×4 photo. I hung them in the bedroom and they look great I couldn’t be happier with them. I bought some similar off Target and these were no less as nice as the Target ones. 

Nespresso Pods 

I always get my Nespresso pods on Amazon. It’s just easier and if I can buy it on Amazon vs something else, chances are I will! 

Amazon for Dog

No Pull Dog Harness 

Our friends were using this on a walk with their dog and I commented how good she was on a leash and they swore the only reason was this harness. I was skeptical because Miller when she sees a squirrel is a maniac on a leash she pulls so bad. We bought this and I couldn’t be happier with it! It works SO WELL. We had tried everything and nothing worked until this. I also love that it just goes over her head and clips once, it’s super easy to put on. If your dog pulls even a little bit on a leash, you need this! 

Salmon Oil for Allergies & Coat

Miller gets terrible, terrible allergies which blows my mind because my dogs growing up never had this issue. I didn’t even know dogs could get allergies! We had been trying everything the vet recommended and a friend suggested fish oil. I found this one on Amazon that was specific to allergies and we tried it. She loved it you just pump a bit on top of the food. I don’t think it helped her allergies at all. We had to get this expensive shot at the vet…. which did help! This worked really well for her coat though. She is super soft and I do think it helped with her dry skin. 

Sustainable Dog Bags

I miss the days living in Dallas where I didn’t have to buy these bags because there are stands with them all throughout Dallas. Now I have to buy them but I only have to buy these like once a year maybe this is my favorite brand and if you own a dog, you have thoughts and opinions on bad poop bags hahaha. 

Awww come on, I ended on poop bags! HAHAH. I’m sorry this literally feels like an acumulation of my Amazon purchase history. A few other things I ordered but didn’t list! 

  • Bridesmaid gifts! Coming soon! 
  • Paper towels/toilet paper 
  • Photo prints did you know you can order on Amazon?!
  • Toilet brush (lol) 
  • A couple friends wedding gifts 
  • Amazon Fresh orders 
  • Things I returned which I can also share if you want me to! 

It is so funny to me how I look to Amazon for everything I am even trying to get my prescriptions pushed over. I hope you enjoyed this post! See you on the next one! 




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