Friday Five: Easter Dresses Under $50 + Life Update

Hi Lovelies!

So sorry I have been so MIA lately on here. I was gone most the month of March traveling to Thailand with my family. Our trip was absolutely incredible and we loved getting to visit the beautiful country. I am going to write up a full travel guide soon, where we stayed, what to eat, where to go etc. all the things…  but things have just been SO crazy I have not had time to sit down and write everything out. I still have so much to share with y’all including our visit with ELEPHANTS! I have lots of photos and so many memories I want to share so hopefully I can get all this pulled together early next week. (Fingers crossed be on the lookout!)

That whole first week I got back from Thailand the jet lag was too real. I would get home from work and go to bed at 6 pm and sleep until 7 am the next day. It was insane. I was so tired and my blog definitely took a back seat that week.

Last week, I was planning on shooting new content, but it rained every time we had planned to shoot! We were finally able to shoot this week and I just got photos back and there are some good outfits coming your way soon!

It feels good to be writing this post back at home. I missed writing while I was away and I was able to publish one blog post for y’all while I was in Thailand. I am linking it here. It is all about our cooking class experience! That is the one thing about Thailand that was amazing, the FOOD! Everything we ate was outstanding and each meal was better than the last. The only thing was, we were eating Thai food for breakfast, lunch and dinner…. for ten days!! Not that I am complaining because don’t get me wrong, thai food is my absolute favorite, but having pho for breakfast every morning was definitely an adjustment from my usual eggs, turkey bacon, toast and yogurt spread. I still have not ventured back into eating thai food but I am starting to crave pad thai again which I take as a good sign. Maybe I will grab some this weekend it is my favorite Sunday night dinner tradition.

Since being back at home, I have been busy jumping back into my routine with work and working out just the usual. I’ve been taking it easy on the weekends and this weekend one of my best friends from college is coming in town! He lives in Houston and I have not seen him since we all went down to visit him for his birthday in January.

Now, onto the dresses! I wanted to do a post on Easter dresses because it can be hard to find those appropriate length dresses that won’t have your grandmother rolling her eyes at your exposed thigh. Thankfully, maxi and midi dresses have never been more in and I keep seeing them everywhere. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites and in true Friday Five tradition (and to make up for skipping a few Friday Fives recently) I am giving you not five but FIFTEEN cute dresses for Easter all under $50.

Click on an image to shop it and you will be redirected to the supplier page. 



I am also linking a SUPER similar virtually the same dress to the pink one I am wearing above. It sold out so quick I couldn’t post it before it went out of stock! They are virtually the same and I have seen this cute pink dress I am linking in person and I honestly think it is cuter than the one I am wearing!

Have a lovely weekend unlike the projected thunderstorms Dallas is having this weekend, I hope your weekend is sunshine and warm vibes. Until next time, xoxo.

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