Craving for Cashmere: How to Wear and Take Care

When it comes to modern luxuries, cashmere definitely makes my list. There is something so cozy and warm about a nice cashmere sweater. While many think of cashmere as an affluent expense, cashmere does not have to come with a steep price tag to still bring value to your closet. 

What has also in the past turned me off about cashmere is it’s tedious upkeep. But really, I was mistaking my lack of knowledge on how to care for anything cashmere as a way to not own anything of the quality. 

I like to mix my closet with cute trendy finds and quality splurges and cashmere is one of those things you can splurge on because if taken care of correctly, will last you from season to season.

The biggest misconception with cashmere is that it has to be dry cleaned and if you’re anything like me, you despise dry cleaning. I’m not sure what it is but its like owning a fancy plate that has to be hand washed. If it can’t go in my dishwasher, I don’t want it. Same goes for my laundry, if I can’t throw it in with my other delicates, I don’t want it.


Cashmere does not have to be dry cleaned. In fact, the best way to take care of anything cashmere is to simply hand wash it. Follow these 3 tips to make your sweaters better than new. 

Rinse with cold water and a light detergent or baby shampoo

Soak for only five minutes 

Dry flat on a towel. Depending on the thickness and blend of the sweater, it may take a few days to dry, but be patient. Ringing out the sweater can cause the fibers to tear and loosen and you absolutely do not want that. 

When I was at Nordstrom a few weeks ago, well, let me rephrase. I was at the mall and parked at Nordstrom and was walking through and this sweater caught my eye. I immediately fell in love once I ran my hand over the soft hemline. I loved the high scoop neckline and the color was exactly what I had been looking for. I didn’t even look at the price tag because I thought cashmere, no way I need that. 

I left the store and carried on with my errands and returns. When I walked back through Nordstrom, I decided to feel the sweater one more time. The dressing room lady asked if I wanted to try it on and of course I said yes. When I was in the dressing roomI looked at the price tag and saw the sweater was only $100. Although much more than I would typically spend on a sweater, I decided to buy it anyway because I don’t usually splurge on myself with quality pieces. 

I am so happy I ended up with this sweater because the quality is outstanding and it looks brand new after only a few wears. I know this sweater will last me for seasons to come and it’s classic look will ensure it does not go out of style. 

I wanted to round up a few sweaters for you all to shop and find a way to add cashmere to your closet too, no matter your price range!



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