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I am headed out of town this afternoon and having the end old debate with my friends about what time you should leave for the airport. Are you an early bird or a borderline on time flyer?!  I am very much a “push the limit on how much time I need” traveler. I just hate waiting in the airport for too long I’m always so antsy to get to my destination! I know I should probably give myself a little more leeway especially with the few close calls I have experienced.

Hey, if the worst thing that happens is I have to jog through the airport to get to my gate I’m ok with that! I’ve had a pretty good track record making it on time. I can just see my friends rolling their eyes at me right now.  

I’m also sharing this color block outfit I shot a few weeks ago in Downtown Fort Worth. Fort Worth is very decorated for Christmas and I loved seeing all the kids and dogs running around laughing and looking at all the pretty lights. If you have never been to Sundance Square this is the place to go for Christmas photos! There were so many cute spots with lights and tree decorations and they even have fake snow!! It’s actually a ton of super tiny bubbles but it looks so real and made for some gorgeous photos so I hope you enjoy! I am sharing my top color block sweaters and I’m tempted to buy every last one! Check them out and let me know your favorites in the comments. 

I got to the airport super early today because I was feared into the holiday traffic and had the time to write this post for y’all! I’m off to catch my flight. 

Happy Wednesday! We’re almost to the weekend!

xx Zoe


SWEATER // JEANS // BAG // BOOTIES (Sam Eldman out of stock but super similar HERE  and HERE)


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