Christmas Gifts for the Guy You’re Still Struggling to Shop For

It’s that time of year again! The holiday’s have seriously crept up on me this year and I am feeling more behind and scrambling than ever before! There are still so many of my favorite guys I am trying to shop for and rushing to get it all done in the next week! Thank goodness for prime!! I wanted to throw together a list of the types of guys you might still be shopping for and hopefully some good ideas of gifts to snag last minute! 

For your Special Guy 

Let’s be honest, sometimes your significant other is the easiest or hardest person to shop for. Pierce needs a lot of things right now so he was particularly easy to shop for this year! Because I know he never reads my blog posts 😉 sweet boy but really why would he have an interest. He does support me by taking a lot of photos and posing for ones like the above! I’ll share some of my best ideas with you! 

Pierce has these sunglasses and they are his favorite! I love how they are a little different then the typical guy sunglasses everyone has but still a brand they like to sport. The price on these is great and I love the polarized option! These are also super durable for those “never use a case” “drop all the time” type of sunglasses owners! 

I love the idea of getting your guy a nicer jacket because let’s be real, this is not something they would ever purchase for themselves! I think this is a great option for the guys who never buy clothes for themselves! 

I think this is such a cute gift idea for the outdoors guy in your life who is always the life of the party. I love how this game can be customized to anything you want from their favorite sports team to initials this is a gift sure to make a statement! 

The perfect size for a carry on or overnight bag, this bag is great quality and is sure to stand the test of time. I love the idea of upgrading his travel bag to something a little more grown up and durable! 

An Amazon Prime find that is sure to be a great addition to the above gift or a stand alone! I think upgrading your guys travel dopp kit is a great idea. I also thought it would be cute  to stuff this with a bunch of  little things like concert tickets, gift cards, Amazon Fire TV etc. to personalize it a little further! 

Gifts for Dad 

My Dad is such a runner and this is something he would never buy himself but an Apple Watch or FitBit Versa 2 are great tech gifts for parents! 

My Dad is such a griller he LOVES his smoker we got him for Christmas a few years ago and he loves this gadget we got him to help control the temperature straight from his phone! 

If your Dad does not currently own this jacket RUN. This is such a great gift that is sure to last a lifetime. My Dad has one in blue and wears it every day to work and even to run outside in the winter. This is a gift that he would never buy himself but would love to own! 

Ok so this last gift is not on RewardStyle so I can’t link the product photo but y’all. This is THE BEST gift we have ever gotten my Dad EVER. He travels a lot for work and this blazer is wrinkle free, machine washable and breathable. My Dad never dry cleans it and brings it on every trip. He is wearing it in the photo above. It is a pricier gift, but the quality is SOOO worth it. I can’t say enough good things about this brand. Be sure to order a size up as this brand does run small! Click here to shop. 

For your Brother 

Ok so maybe go in on this with the siblings and parents but I feel like this is such a cool gift for the tech guy in your life! 

A more affordable option because I’m not a monster. I absolutely LOVE my Amazon Fire TV stick. It is so easy to use and you can take it out and plug into other TV’s so it’s perfect for the guy on the go. 

A warm jacket that is sure to keep them warm and still looking cool this season. I love how durable this jacket is and it is perfect for the guy in college who is so rough on their clothes. 

I think this is such a cool gift for any guy who is super into music. It gives them the chance to start collecting some records or add to their collection and would look so cool in their room! 

Gifts for Grandparents 

Unfortunately, all my grandparents on both sides have passed but I wanted to give the option of some cool gifts I thought of for grandparents! 

Pierce’s Grandma who is 93 has a google home and LOVES it. If she can figure it out, surely your grandparent can too! What is great about the google home is they can just ASK what the weather is outside and other commands without having to actually touch the technology. Once you set this up for them, it will be a breeze for them to use. 

One of my favorite gifts for Grandparents are photos. They likely don’t have social media and have no idea what you have been up to in recent months. Amazon and Google Photos allow you to easily print real printed photos and ship them directly to your grandparent. This was always something I did for my late grandmother and she appreciated it so much!

Smart plugs are a great option for Grandparents because you can hook these up to their Google home and they can control the lights and everything else with an outlet by the sound of their voice.  

A custom monogrammed glasses case is such a sweet gift to give your grandparents and they will love the personal touch! 

Whew! That’s it for holiday gifts! I hope you loved this roundup and it makes your holiday shopping a little easier. Don’t be shy to mix and match a lot of these gifts could be gifted to any of the men in your life! 

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