Casual Valentines Day Look

Hello there!

The weather in Dallas was so gross yesterday and it is supposed to rain this weekend (again!). I swear I have seasonal depression haha. The weather always determines my mood! Does this happen to anyone else? I swear I live in Seattle with all this rain Dallas has been having lately. I even asked for a raincoat for Christmas because the amount of rain we have is crazy.  I really like it for work because of the length. I work Downtown in Dallas so I walk a lot!

I am headed to Houston this weekend for a friend’s birthday! I’ve actually never been to Houston so I’m taking all your suggestions and favorite spots! Let me know in the comments. We are planning on doing a few dinners and brunches but any and all recommendations are appreciated.

If you may have noticed I made some updates to my blog yesterday! I was working on my home landing page for a few hours and am really happy with the more dynamic layout. Lots of more changes I am planning for in the future it just takes some time to figure out the coding and it is a lot of trial and error. I was a graphic design major in college so it has been so fun being able to design all the aspects for y’all. If you have any suggestions or feedback I’d love to hear it! Be on the lookout for more things soon I am so excited to share everything I have planned!

I posted these booties a little over a week ago and y’all were in love with them. I got so many messages and comments about these booties so I’ve styled them again with a little dressier look. There are a few sizes left so I am linking two other similar pairs in case they sell out!

This sweater would be perfect for Valentines Day! It is so cozy and the perfect color red, it looks more orange online but it’s pretty red in person. I love that you can wear it tucked in or tucked out and layered for a classier look. The ripped jeans help make this outfit a little more casual and perfect for those “where-are-we-going” date nights!

Don’t forget to let me know your favorite Houston recommendations or website feedback! Thank you all for your support.

xx Zoe


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