Best Wedding Shoes to Keep You Dancing All Night Long

Hello Lovelies! 

I am so excited to share this new blog series with you in honor of wedding season! Who has a wedding they are going to this month or this summer!? I have quite a few and I can’t wait to see my friends down the aisle, but those long days require some major fashion preparation. Every Friday this month, the Friday Five will be rounding up wedding tips and tricks to get you ready to hear wedding bells! 

There is nothing worse than being at a wedding in the middle of the cha-cha slide and your feet feel like they are bleeding from your too high heels that you just had wear because they matched your dress so perfectly.

I’ve been there, you’ve been there, if it wasn’t a wedding it was another event or night out where your feet hurt so bad you just HAD to take the shoes off. Now you’re standing around holding your shoes you were so excited to wear and praying no one steps on your freshly manicured toes. Finding that perfect shoe that won’t have you wincing in pain can be difficult but these shoes are the best of the best to ensure you a wedding night full of dancing!


First things first, ditch the stiletto. A pointy thin heel is basically a dancing death wish. Those built-in dance floors are extremely slippery and you don’t want to be find yourself on the ground after you cupid shuffle too hard.

Opt instead for heels with a block heel. The extra stability will give you more support and they’ve never been more in-style! Shop my favorite block heels above. I have been loving these heels. I’ve owned them for about a year and they come in every possible color and print you could imagine. I own quite a few colors but the nude goes with everything and is the color I find myself grabbing the most often. I have worn these to plenty of formals and events so they definitely get an A+ from me on comifest high heels.


These heels are my new wedding favorites! Not only are they super flattering on any shape of foot, they are perfect for dancing the night away. I wore these heels to a wedding last weekend and they were so comfortable I felt like I was wearing flats! You’ll wear these heels all the time I wear to work, out on the town on the weekends AND they are only $30


Let’s be real, you might not want to always wear heels to a wedding and for good reason! If you have really sensitive toes you might lean more towards flats. These are my favorite flats that I have owned for years! They are so comfortable and come in every color. I usually carry them around in my oversized purse for work. I never leave the house without an extra pair of shoes (most of the time). You never know when your heels might become too tight so slip a pair of flats in your bag if you have the room to spare to ensure you don’t have to get those feet stomped on when you slip out of your heels.


Wedges are a great option to a wedding because not only do they give you the extra support you crave on a long day, they allow you to wear higher heels with more comfort. These wedges are a great statement for Spring and Summer and the espadrille covering make them a staple for any summer outfit.

That’s all for now! I hope this shoe guide helps you at any wedding or event you have this summer to keep you dancing all night long! Let me know what y’all think of this series in the comments. Looking forward to your feedback so I can tweak for next week! 

Check back next Friday for another wedding Friday Five I hope you all have lovely weekends! 


*All the shoes listed in this post I currently own and have worn for extended periods of time. Ie. a wedding, a formal, a night out, etc. I hope you find them as comfortable as I do! I like to indicate when I own a product that I am promoting in a series like this to ensure quality and durability. 


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