Best Sellers of 2021 & My Reflections on Self Growth this Past Year

Hey sis! 

The new year is almost here and whew does it feel like 2021 just flew by! I am excited for everything that’s in store for 2022 but wanted to round up a few of your favorites from this year!
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If you’ve followed me for awhile, you know this post comes every year. I love analytics and really look forward to deciphering what worked, what didn’t, what you loved and where you found value in my content. This really is my outlet and I do this for me because it brings me happiness but I also do this for you and I always strive to bring value to your day. 

This year brought a lot of change for me, I was reading this post from last year just recently and saw all the things that I was “worried” and excited for that have now already happened. I love having my blog for this reason, it’s a like a mini time capsule and diary of mine.

Last year, I was really excited and nervous to live alone. This past April I moved into my own apartment without roommates. I’ll just say, this has been the best thing for me. I have learned so much about myself living alone and I hope I always look back at this stage of my life so proud of myself for doing it this way. I’m really glad Pierce and I don’t live together and I’ve had this time to really find myself on my own. It has had its on set of challenges, but it just feels like an adult milestone I was really anxious to complete on my own and for myself. I’m really glad I’ve lived alone and had this time for just myself in my 20s.  

This time last year I was miserable in a job that was running me into the ground emotionally it was just the wrong fit for me (doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a great position or community for someone else). I took a huge leap of faith and switched jobs and industries this past August. All my friends and family have noticed this lightness about me. I’m happier and able to give back more into my relationships around me because I find so much passion in what I now do. I’ve pushed myself outside my comfort zone and have found such joy in a corporate environment. I didn’t even know was truly possible to be this happy at a corporate job and it just proves that life is too short to stay somewhere that isn’t fulfilling you and challenging you. 

I’ve talked about friendship a lot on my blog because I truly think in your early 20s your friends are your family and you need those relationships to fuel you and drive you to a better sense of self. With the increased balance I’ve had this past year switching jobs, I’ve tried to really throw myself into my friendships even more. I always say run any errand you need to do with a friend and make intentional time in your calendar for those around you. I’ve really relied on my friends this past year and I’ve seen the reward in my own growth and theirs. 25 was a big year for all of us and I think we’ve all grown up a lot this past year. 

I’ve also loved falling more in love with Pierce than I thought it was even possible to love someone. The way we communicate with each other and are able to see the other person’s perspective and help them achieve their dreams has really challenged and grown our relationship in new ways. I love that we can talk for hours about our future and it’s just the most natural, healthiest thing I’ve ever been privileged to be part of. I can’t wait to see what’s to come for us in 2022! 

Ok, I’ll stop with my sappiness but I really think I’ve grown a lot this past year more than any other year and its something I’m really proud of myself for. I wanted to document it so this time next year when I’m reading this I’m able to see all that I was so proud of myself for in 2021. 

Now, let’s get on with the best sellers and see what YOU loved the most in 2021! 

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Tennis Dress

I wasn’t surprised this was #1 because I think almost every week I see clicks on it from past posts! This dress is the real deal, the Outdoor Voices tennis dress and its so dang good. No dupes will ever do it justice the sweat wicking fabric is just irreplaceable. A true 10/10 and you should have at least one in your closet. 

Pink Dress

I wore this dress in Nashville on a trip with my parents this past Spring read the post here. I remember soo many of you messaged me saying how great of a dress this is and I’m so glad nothing makes me happier than helping you find that outfit that makes you feel good! The dress is from Forever 21 and is sadly sold out now but I’ll keep an eye out for affordable F21 spring dresses! 

Gold Hoops

If you’ve ever watched my Instagram stories, you’ll find me wearing these hoops. I wear them every single day! They are super lightweight and are gold plated so they take awhile to tarnish I’ve worn in the water, etc. I also love that the backs are those snaps so you don’t have to deal with annoying earring backs. The prong piece is also super great in that it won’t hurt your ears because it is also plated! They are also only $12 so if you loose them they are no big deal to replace. I can’t rave about them enough! 

White Shoulder Tee

I love this tee and own it in a few colors! I wore it so much last summer and I love the exaggerated shoulders. It is such an essential basic and I love how it looks good on everyone! It’s from Target but is now sold out so I am linking an identical one from Amazon below. 

White Cowboy Boots

Honestly, my favorite purchase of 2021 so thank you for loving my babies as much as I do haha. My exact pair is sold out but I’m going to link some other cowboy boots this week! I think they are going to be on trend for 2022! I have a few other pairs linked in this post below. 

Honeymoon Glow AHA Serum

I’ve talked a lot about this holy grail skincare product of mine in my Sephora Sale posts. I am always running out and replacing it because it’s such a go to for me. You can read my other skincare favorites from the year in this post here. I love a good AHA serum. AHA’s help even out dull skin tone and work to peel away the top surface of your skin so that new cells can take their place AKA leaving you with a nice GLOW. AHA’s help the skin regenerate faster so you aren’t walking around with dull skin. I purchased this last year at the spring Sephora sale and it has quickly become one of my favorite products. I love it because it works DEEP. I can really feel it working which I love and the results are incredible. This is a MUST TRY! 

Amazon Everyday Shorts

I lived in these shorts this past year. I own them in so many colors and love that they are cotton and so soft and have deep functional pockets. They were a must have for me this past year and I’m so glad you loved them just as much as I did! I hope they release more colors in 2022 because they are so versatile. 

Black Midi Dress

This was such a favorite find of mine for 2021 and I am glad you loved it too! Everyone needs a little black dress and this one is so good in every closet. It is sadly sold out but it is from Forever 21! Another F21 find so it’s good to see you don’t sleep on the good F21 dress finds! 

Entryway Table 

I had so much fun creating this little nook for my entryway. This is actually from my old apartment but I have this same set up in my new one! I love this big long entryway table with the rattan shelf. It looks so good and bold in my space. You can read more about this set up in this post here

Target Sweater Joggers 

These have been a cozy lived in favorite this holiday season and I’m glad you loved them too! They are so comfy and I love that they are different than typical cotton joggers. They are lightweight and super soft which is always a must for me!  

That’s all for now! I hope you were able to snag yourself one of these top sellers and loved them as much as I did! This is my last blog post of 2021 so see you in 2022!! 🙂 



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