Best Sellers of 2020 & What I’m Looking Forward to in the New Year

Oh 2020, what a year you were. You brought so many thoughts my way and I wrote about a lot of them in this post here, what 2020 has taught me.


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I wanted to round up a few of the things you bought through my links and absolutely loved this year! I love seeing what you find interesting and lean towards. This helps me plan for the upcoming year and it’s always fun to look back! 

I am SO incredibly thankful for you taking the time to shop through my links. You have no idea how much it means to me and I am so appreciative. 

I wanted to talk a little bit about what I am most excited for in 2021. I am a huge goal setter and love the start of a new year. I think it is a great time for a fresh start and new goals. You can read my goals from 2019 here

I am really excited about this new year for a number of reasons. The first being I really think it is going to bring a lot of change and growth to the world. As we emerge from this pandemic I think there is going to be a lot of things we do in our every day lives differently. I am excited to get back to the way things were pre pandemic. Social outings, hugs and no mask-acne but I do think the pandemic is going to change the way we operate and do certain things which really excites me maybe that’s just the millennial in me but it really does get me excited. 

The second thing I am excited for is living alone. My lease is up in May and for the last few years post college I’ve been living with roommates. I am really excited about having my own space I can really make my own and not have to worry about anyone else. I think it is going to be really good for me and it excites me as much as it scares me. 

Another thing I am excited for is getting my friends married! 2020 brought almost 10 engagements to close friends of mine and I’m so excited to party it big and celebrate all the love in 2021. I love a good wedding and we have quite the list going next year! (luckily no overlaps!) but we are looking at almost one wedding a month. I just love love and as a little girl couldn’t wait until this season of life where I got to celebrate all my friends! 

I think 2021 is going to be a big year of change. I have lots of friends moving and all sort of doing their own things. It’s really been the first year where I feel uncertain about where I am going to be. It excites me as much as it scares me but if I’ve learned anything in 2020 it’s to do the things that scare you the most! 

Ok let’s get on to the good stuff 😉 the best sellers! 

Best Sellers: Clothes 

Agolde Riley High Rise Straight Crop  – The #1 bestseller of 2020 were these jeans which is funny considering this year I’ve worn jeans only a handful of times! You loved these jeans as much as I do! They are that good. They were actually my first pair of Agolde jeans I purchased and got me mega hooked on this brand. You won’t be disappointed the the quality. They truly hold the test of time I’ve had mine for almost two years and they still look brand new. I love how soft they are too! They have much more stretch than my Levi jeans do which is nice! I actually bought these to wear with over the knee boots and to wear to work which I did soo much in 2019. They are also my coziest pair of jeans so if I was reaching for jeans this year it was this pair! I know this is a pricer brand but I promise the quality is so worth it! 

Aerie Sunwashed Desert Jogger – I straight up lived in these during quarantine and never posted or even took a photo in them but was constantly wearing them on my stories! I also bought the matching pullover that I loved to wear as a set. I still wear these all the time. This exact version is sold out but Aerie is my favorite place to shop for joggers and sweatpants. They have TONS of cute ones out right now including these which are super similar to the white wash ones I have. 

Forever 21 Blue Floral Dress – I loved this dress and it was one of my favorite photos from 2020! This is back from my Scottsdale trip earlier this year (pre-COVID). I absolutely loved this fun dress and wish I had another excuse to wear it. It is unfortunately sold out but this one is similar. I’ll keep an eye out for more floral dresses in the coming Spring season! 

BLANKNYC No Limit Suede Moto Jacket– I straight up lived in these during quarantine and never posted or even took a photo in them but was constantly wearing them on my stories! I also bought the matching pullover that I loved to wear as a set. I still wear these all the time. This exact version is sold out but Aerie is my favorite place to shop for joggers and sweatpants. They have TONS of cute ones out right now including these which are super similar to the white wash ones I have. 

A&F Cozy Joggers – I loved these joggers this year and it was one of those things when I saw them that I knew I had to have them! I love the color and the silk ribbon. They came in so many colors and were loved by you too this year! Similar here

Best Sellers: Beauty 

Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Luxury  Face Oil– This was my best seller skin product this year and I’m so happy about it because it is one of my favorite skin products of 2020! I use this oil when my skin is super dry as a last step. I use this to lock in all the things I just put on my face. If you use this consistently you’ll have glowy skin! I know it’s expensive but a little goes a long way I’ve had mine for a long time. They also have a trial size of this oil if you want to try this and the Drunk Elephant Baby Facial for only $28. Shop that here

Supergoop Glow Screen– You have no idea how happy it makes me that a sunscreen made my top best sellers. If you haven’t learned, I am the biggest advocate of sunscreen and daily use of sunscreen is so important. I wore this daily all summer and didn’t need to wear makeup with it. It is lightly tinted and gives you the best glow and dewy skin AND it has 40 spf in is which is awesome. 

Tula Sunscreen – I could cry haha I am so excited TWO sunscreens made my top sellers. I love both of these and I’ve been using the Tula sunscreen in the winter. It also has blue light protection. You can get 15% off site wide at Tula with my code STYLEDZEBRA. 

 Ole Henriksen Truth Serum  – This was my favorite vitamin C of 2020! What I love about this particular vitamin C serum is how it smells like citrus. Some vitamin C serum’s can smell so gross and this one smells fresh! Using vitamin C consistently can help with redness and pigmentation which is something my skin really struggles with as well as fine lines and overall skin texture giving you that GLOW. There is also a small trial size of this vitamin C if you wanted to try it before you buy the full size even though I think the full size is really reasonably priced. I use my vitamin C in the morning as the first step of my skincare routine. 

Farmacy Honeymoon Glow AHA Serum – This is one of my favorite products I found in 2020. This is a super powerful AHA serum. I’ve been super impressed with the results and notice such a difference in my skin with consistent use of it. AHA’s work to peel away the surface level of your skin to rebuild the cells leaving you with brighter more evenly pigmented skin. They are super powerful and I think they are a true secret to glowy skin. If you haven’t implemented an AHA serum into your skincare routine I highly recommend this one! 

Best Sellers: Amazon 

14K Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver Twisted Rope Round Hoop Earrings – One of my favorite brands I found on Amazon this year is Pavoi. They have tons of super cute trendy jewelry at affordable prices. These were only $14 like what how?! They are 14k gold plated so they won’t tarnish and the prongs of the earrings are sterling silver so they won’t damage your ears. I did replace the backs on them I wasn’t a super fan of the ones that came with them but I was able to buy a huge replacement pack on Amazon for only $5. Shop it here

Natural Dry Shampoo – This is the only dry shampoo I will put in my hair during the week. I love that it contains NO areoles which can be super damaging for your hair. It did take me a second to get used to the powder based dry shampoo but it’s really not that different and it works the exact same! I love that the ingredients in this are cornstarch and lavender. Sold! 

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff Book – I talked about this book in a YouTube video and a Reel and it ended up being one of my best sellers which I love! I bought this book for my mom and myself and would read a page in the morning and text her to read the same number. It’s a great daily self love book because it contains a bunch of small life lessons that are super quick to read! 

Gaberly Wing Long Sleeve Top – One of my favorite tops I own it in four colors. It is the softest and coziest tees. It is super flattering on everyone and couldn’t be softer. 

Glass Coffee Mugs – I talked about these glass coffee mugs a few times throughout the holiday season and thought they would make a great gift! You thought so too as they quickly became one of my most sold items of 2020. I love how cute my coffee looks in them. I asked for a set for Christmas and have been loving my morning coffee in them. 

That’s all for now! I hope you were able to snag yourself one of these top sellers and loved them as much as I did! This is my last blog post of 2020 so see you in 2021!! 🙂 



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