All that Glitters

The holidays are finally here! Even though Thanksgiving is tomorrow, I am in full Christmas mode over here and ready for all the holiday events and such coming up.

I love a good glitter dress and this one does NOT disappoint. The quality is amazing and at this price point you’ll be blown away how affordable this dress is! I love the bulky sleeves! 

I can’t wait to fly home this weekend and see my family. I am from the east coast and grew up in Delaware. My family plans this weekend include Thanksgiving at my house with my immediate family and then down to our lake house for the weekend. We are doing a fun friendsgiving with all our neighbors at our lake house. 

My family is small now that my grandparents have passed and my aunts spend holidays with their kids families. Everyone lives out of state and holidays include myself and my parents and my three younger siblings. I love it though because we are all so close and there’s no pressure put on to have “the perfect day.” Holidays can be stressful so having just your immediate family around keeps things fun and carefree.

I truly am so thankful for this family of mine! I love each and every one of them with my whole heart. Katie is 16 and still learning how to drive and already stressing about college applications. Drew is so driven and has big dreams! He is currently taking classes about cars at a college and learning all about engines. Brad is almost 21 he has such a kind and loving heart and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for him! I also can’t wait to celebrate his 21st birthday in January! My parents are the sweetest most caring people I’ve ever met. I love how they never believe our dreams are too small and are constantly encouraging us to follow our passions. They are the cutest parents and if you follow me on stories you know how much I love handing out with them! I am truly so thankful for all of them and our health and happiness. I am surrounded by so many great people here in Texas and am so thankful for this beautiful life I get to live everyday. [end of my cheesiness I promise] 

I really can’t wait though until all my siblings grow up and start to have kids and all our holidays triple in size! My family has a few traditions on Thanksgiving and one of them includes playing paddle tennis. My family are big racket sport people and paddle is a version of tennis played in the winter on the east coast.

Another thing we love to do is play our new favorite game Exploding Kittens. It is so fun and combines Uno with a more strategic and challenging game. 

Hope you all have fun holiday plans! I found this dress and just had to post it before it sells out. It just went live today at the Impeccable Pig so be sure to check it out before it sells out. Things like this don’t stay in stock for long on their site! You can use code ZOE20 to get 20% off your purchases on the complete site! 

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