Affordable Ways to Style Your Bar Cart

My best friend and I have lived together for four years now and since we have been living together have promised this would be the year we get a bar cart. Well three years later we finally purchased one together instead of buying each other Christmas gifts (the best idea by the way). We were so excited to decorate it and have found so many cute things to put on it and every birthday and holiday I feel like we keep giving each other things to put on it. It’s the gift that keeps on giving and it is so fun to have around when hosting friends over! 





We loved this tiered bar cart because it allowed us to display a lot of different things. We went to a ton of places when trying to originally fill it and found some cute things for a really affordable price. 

Home Goods and TJ Max had so  many cute things for clearance prices. Some of the things shown are items we bought from Home Goods (so sorry!) but we also bought a few things on Amazon so I tried to link some dupes here. 

When trying to stock your bar cart, the alcohol easily becomes the most expensive part! There are some things we have on here that we never drink and just leave on there for display (mainly the rose… we rarely drink rose!). 

I recently discovered Winc and love the concept. They are a wine delivery service with the ability to become a subscription service. What does that mean? Well, you can order from them just one time or if you like it, continue to subscribe and be sent 4 bottles a month! Your order with this link contains 4 bottles of wine for only $39. This is such an affordable way to stock your bar cart AND you can mix and match with a few reds, whites, rose and even bubbly! 

I also think this would make such a cute gift! I love that there is no commitment when ordering so you get all the benefits of a subscription service without the contract. They also couldn’t make it easier to pair you with new wines. You answer 6 quick questions like, how do you like your coffee, how much salt do you put on your food etc. So you get the customization feel of a box that’s made with flavors you love. 

With this link you’ll get a $22 discount and complimentary shipping which comes out to 4 bottles of wine for $39!

This is a company I use and love and wanted to share it with you all because I thought you would too! $39 for 4 bottles of wine?! That comes out to $9 a bottle which is what you spend anyway! This also gives you the ability to try new wines! 

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