Affordable Christmas Pajama’s for the Whole Family

One of the best Christmas traditions my family does is wear Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve. It is such a fun way to get excited for the holidays and (most of us) enjoy the fun little tradition. 

The first few years we started this tradition, we didn’t realize how hard it was to find Christmas pajamas close to Christmas that weren’t super cheesy. We have three boys in our family and they refused to wear anything that wasn’t manly. Buying pajamas for the whole family can quickly get expensive and even worse they begin to sell out so quickly. 

The first first few years we did this tradition, the best ones always sold out so quickly and were spending so much money. I have gotten savvy over the years and figured out the best place to buy Christmas pajamas. They are so affordable and the quality is great. I love that they come in men’s, women’s, children’s, maternity and even come in with tall and plus size. No matter what family member you are shopping for you are sure to find a pair they will like and that comfortably fit. 

This year we got this cute red pair with little Santa’s on skis. My mom and my sister are both 5’11 so they needed them to come in tall and I am so glad they did! I paired the bottoms with this cute soft long sleeve. 

See below for all the holiday night before Christmas photos of me and my sweet siblings! Brad is almost 21 he is the one who has the lighter color hair and Drew is 18 and has the darker hair he is taller! Katie is the youngest but taller than me! The sweet pups are Mali and Kenny!




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