A B O U T   

S T Y L E D   Z E B R A

A B O U T   S T Y L E D   Z E B R A



First and foremost I am so happy you are here!

My name is Zoe and I started this blog with the goal to share lifestyle tips, tricks and hacks to help make your everyday easier! I’ve always been a natural oversharer and can be found reconstructing my friends skincare routines and finding ways to spend date night on a budget.

I was encouraged by countless friends to start a blog all throughout college but was always hesitant to put myself out there. I finally took the leap to start my own platform six months post college in 2018 and I couldn’t be happier to have Styled Zebra as my creative outlet.

Styled Zebra is so much more than a cute outfit or an affordable pair of loungewear. It’s about owning your life and curating it to the best it can be! I hope to always encourage you to live your life as the best version of yourself. 

I get this question all the time and when naming my blog, a zebra just seemed to fit! My first and last name both start with Z and when I was in preschool I was Zoe Zebra. I also went to Africa with National Geographic for Photography my senior year of high school and took a photo of zebra butts that is my favorite photo of all time! 

Zebra’s are also super unique. No two zebra’s will ever have the same stripes. I’ve always wanted to use this space to encourage you to own every piece about yourself. You are so beautiful, brave, and kind and no one else can replace YOU! I hope you always own your zebra stripes – they’re uniquely you! 


I grew up the oldest of two brothers and a sister with a few chickens in Delaware. I moved to Texas to attend TCU where I majored in Journalism and Graphic Design and after the best four years of my life moved to Dallas! 

I work full time at an architecture firm specializing in marketing and business development. I love what I do and go from my day job to my side hustle with Styled Zebra!

In my spare time, you can find me planning my next vacation on a cheap flight and packing in only a carry on.  I love spending time with my boyfriend Pierce, my new puppy Miller, and all the friends we’ve made in Dallas. My absolute favorite place in the world is my lake house in Maryland that I try to get home to as many weekends as I can in the summers! 

There are a lot of moving parts to make this blog work and it wouldn’t be possible without YOU! So thank you! Thank you for being here and making this little dream of mine work! I hope you find some inspiration to make your day a little brighter and life a little easier!