5 Things From Holiday Sales I’m Eyeing for Myself

Hey Girlfriend! 

Let’s be real… if you are anything like me it is so hard to be constantly shopping during the holidays and trying to not take advantage of the holiday sales for yourself. I mean all these things are on SALE and it’s the end of year it’s ok to treat yourself to a little holiday gift. 
I like to call this, to me from me 😉


I know what you’re thinking… Zoe you are wearing this exact jacket in this photo right here. You would be right! But I am literally so in love with this jacket I just have to have it in another color. It is so cozy and warm I am constantly reaching for it to take the dog out, grabbing drinks with a girlfriend it can be so easily dressed up or down. If you haven’t hopped on this jacket trend you absolutely should. I paid $120 for this jacket that’s originally $150 and STILL feel like I got my money’s worth. I would pay $120 every year for this jacket. I’m that impressed with it. BUT lucky for you it is now on sale for ONLY $52 like how is that even possible. It is still available in so many colors and sizes I really can’t decide which one I want most.


I have not bought a pair of black booties since college and I went to grab mine the other day and they are in shreds. They’ve lived their fare share of days at tailgates and sticky bar floors and as comfortable as they are – they’ve gotta go. I need to replace them and I’d love to get my hands on a leather pair to hopefully have the durability hold up! These Marc Fisher booties are on sale for 47% off and I’ve had them in my cart for over a week. To me, this is a need where as some of the other things on this list are very much a want (looking at you puffer jacket 😉


I know, I know, this list is getting out of hand. But I promise this is something I will eventually need. I am moving into my own one bedroom apartment in 5 months and right now I share the furniture with my roommate SO I will be in major need of some furniture. I have been saving for months to be able to buy a few long-lasting pieces and this couch is on the top of my list. I am dying for a gorgeous leather loveseat couch. This one is on a crazy sale 40% off and I just have a feeling when I move in May, nothing is going to be on sale. There are a few reasons why I can’t pull the trigger on this purchase, the biggest being I have absolutely no where to put it until I move sooo I’ll likely be paying full price for furniture come May. I am constantly searching Facebook marketplace too so maybe I’ll get lucky. 


Now is really the time to buy furniture though everything is on major sale! If you are in need of new furniture or home decor now is the time to stock up


I am in desperate need of new leggings. I took a year long break from buying athleticwear because your girl had a problem with an obscene amount of workout wear. Now, I am finding all my basic black and neutral leggings trashed. I need neutral colored leggings like cream and black I can easily workout in or also wear with an oversized sweater. This is really a big need for me and I am really tired of spending $100 on one pair of leggings. Who can really afford that? I’ve heard great things about the quality of the Aerie leggings and I have been wanting to try them! They are on sale right now and I am loving this bone color. 


I really could use more hats to walk the dog in now that is getting super cold (lightly speaking for Texas standards). I have one right now but it’s kind of expensive. It was a gift from my Mom and I need something I can wear daily that would get a lot of use so I won’t care if it gets too worn. I could really use a couple of hats in a variety of styles but I’ve really been eyeing this one since I’ve seen my friend Virgina wearing it recently. I need to snag it on sale. It’s only $21 right now. But I really don’t want to check out at Abercrombie and not buy anything else and have to pay for shipping so that’s where the want for the puffer jacket comes in haha.

That’s pretty much all I have my eye on right now. I’ve been trying to be super diligent about saving and managing my excess spending these past few months. I didn’t buy any new clothes at all in November so every purchase I make for myself I make sure it fit’s a true NEED in my closet. Really trying to strategie the whole needs vs wants thing this time of year. There are definitely a few things on this list that are a true need for me (hats and leggings for sure) where the others would really just be nice to have and I’m eyeing them mostly because they are on sale. 

Hope you enjoyed this post! It’s such a fun time of year I love the season of giving but I always love to get myself a little something even if it’s small to treat myself to a hard years work!



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