3 Fall Trends I’m Loving This Year

Hey there! 

I’m so happy you’re here! Thanks for coming back to my little space on the internet. If you’re new here, you have no idea how happy I am that you stumbled upon this space! I share lots of everything and today I’m diving into fall trends!

There are soooo many fall trends on the horizon and I am totally here for it! This season’s biggest trends really remind me of a 90’s vibe with a touch of 70’s. As my mom always says, everything always comes back! Now, only if she had saved that windbreaker in her closet all these years. My mom was actually the one who inspired this post, she texted me last week asking if it was still acceptable to wear skinny jeans. I really hadn’t heard that skinny jeans were ever considered out of style. I am also a firm believer in wearing what makes you feel confident even it’s not “on trend” for the season. That’s the best part about fashion, everyone can make it your own! So you do you girl! 

To further comment on the skinny jeans my mom mentioned, after some digging I found skinny jeans are very much in style. I feel like there is such a variety of jeans that are in style this year. I am planning to cover all this later so stay tuned!

While I am such a fan of the majority of fall trends this year, one thing I cannot wrap my head around is combat boots. Like why… I just can’t envision myself wearing them and just don’t think I’m cool enough so I’m going to have to pass. But who knows, I said this to biker shorts and now I am the biggest believer in biker shorts!  


Fall Florals 

This trend really surprised me this year. Usually I associate florals with spring and summer so I was excited to see them everywhere this fall because I love a good floral dress. One of my favorite fall outfits is a pretty long sleeve dress with over the knee boots. This outfit does juts that and I couldn’t be happier. This dress has so much twirl I love it! 

Shop Fall Florals I Love

Wide Leg Pants 

I have always been a lover of wide leg pants. I think they look so flattering on every body type and just look so sleek and nice. I absolutely love this pair I’m wearing here. I also have a white pair I like to wear in the spring/summer. I am so happy wide leg pants are here to stay. I think they would look really cute with a thin sweater tucked in or a tight long sleeve. I always like to wear a tighter top when wearing wide leg pants to balance out the bagginess from the flared pants. 

Shop Wide Leg Pants I Love

Button Up Cardigans 

This is a style I never used to lean towards, but I have been all about the cardigans this season. I love how versatile they are and can easily be dressed up or down. I have not tried this style with the buttons all buttoned up and not wearing it loose like shown above. I have my eye on a few of the cardigans I am sharing below and hope to snag one soon I can wear fully buttoned! 

Shop Button Up Cardigans I Love

I hope you loved this post! I am so excited for fall, this is such a fun time of year and I love dressing for fall. What are some fall trends that you love and look forward to for fall?! Let me know in the comments. Until next time! 



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