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Holiday Sales I’m Eyeing to Shop for Myself


Ultimate Hostess: Sides, Drinks And Desserts To Wow Your Guests


Your Guide to Holiday Shopping & Why You Should Consider Shopping Early

About Zoe

Welcome to the party!

I’m Zoe and this is my hyper pup Miller and my incredible boyfriend Pierce! I’m a natural oversharer so stick around, you’ll find lots of advice and life hacks from how to meet friend in a new city to what you need to throw a bachelorette party. 

Styled Zebra is so much more than any of that, it’s about owning your life and curating it to the best it can be! I hope to always encourage you to live your life as the best version of yourself. 


The Holiday Storefront is here!

Let me be your head elf this year! I’m sharing all the hot holiday sales and “it” items in an easy to navigate, one stop shop! Everything you need for the holidays from gifts to hosting is all located on the holiday store front! Check it out below. 

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What I’ve Bought for My New Apartment 

 I knew I wasn’t going to be able transform my decor style overnight so that post has a lot of great tips on transitioning decor. I would call my style modern rustic. I love being able to pull things from different design styles and merge them together with the perfect balance of modern and rustic natural wood tone elements. Interior design has always been something I am passionate about so this is all super fun for me. 

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What I’m Looking for in a New Apartment 

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I’M MOVING! I’m sharing the why behind my move, what my must haves were for my new place and how I went about apartment searching in Dallas. 


How to Meet Friends in a New City 

So you’ve landed your dream job, you’re moving to a new city and know no one and the fear is starting to sink in.

Embracing city life in a destination foreign to you can be so challenging and intimidating. Today, I have such a treat for you! I have interviewed four of my friends who live in four major cities across the country and asked them how they made new friends in the city, where the popular spots are and everything you need to know about meeting people in a new city! 


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T H E   B A C H   S E R I E S

Nashville Bachelorette

Nashville has quickly become a popular destination for bachelorette’s the live music, the pink outfits, its an absolute dream. Bachelorette’s are really their own type of trip and the bach series is here to help every maid of honor and bridesmaid alike plan their next trip! 


Tips for Raising a Puppy in a City 

While looking back at the last year and talking to a few friends who have raised their dogs in a backyard, I realized that raising a puppy in a city really is it’s own concept and brings its own set of challenges. I wanted to share a post that really breaks down all my tips for raising a puppy in a city! 



How I’ve Prioritized My Friendships in My 20s 

My friends have always been a huge part of my life. I truly don’t know what I would do without my people. They have shaped me into who I am and I would absolutely lost without them. I’ve always known I need to put in the work to maintain friendships. It’s not always easy especially as we get older and our list of responsibilities and obligations only grows longer and longer. I’m sharing all my tips for keeping your friends close and how to lean on them in your 20s. 

Meet Miller – I Got a Puppy!

Best day ever! Watch the first 48 hours with our new puppy Miller who isn’t such a puppy anymore!


My Honest Fashion Pass Review & Why I Canceled My Subscription

Fashion Pass is a clothing rental company where you can rent high end looks for less. After using Fashion Pass for two full months I decided to cancel my membership.  I have a few pros and a few cons for why I decided to make this decision.


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